We pride ourselves on sourcing the best ingredients, the freshest produce and making everything we serve from scratch. This natural and clean approach to food is what makes Mollie & Ollie different, nicer. We offer a wholesome and nutritious approach to Fresh, Fun and Fast.



Purcell Mountain

Purcell Mountain Farm is a family-operated farm located on one of the high benches above the Kootenai River Valley at the foothills of the Purcell Mountain Range. It is nestled in the Northeastern-most part of Idaho and makes a variety of organic granola products and other fresh vegetables grown in the richest soil. With its attention to detail and environmental knowledge, Purcell Mountain Farm is a quality producer.

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Jones Dairy Farm

In the name of great taste, Jones Dairy Farm promises to never cut corners. Jones Dairy uses only the finest quality ingredients in every product they make – from all natural, certified gluten-free chicken sausages to naturally-smoked and dry aged turkey bacon, they never compromise, so you don’t have to either.

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Organic Valley

Organic Valley was founded on the idea that if we respect the land and work with Mother Nature, we’ll be rewarded with delicious, organic food that the world can be proud of. This is a philosophy that can be tasted in every drop and every bite, and it’s helping change the way Americans think about their food. In 1988, friends and neighbors in the Coulee region knew there had to be a better, more sustainable way, to continue farming like those before, in a way that protects the land, animals, economy and people’s health. That’s how this farmer-owned cooperative was born.

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Miller Honey

Some of the finest honey in the world comes from the high mountains of Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and the hills of North and South Dakota. Miller Honey is known worldwide for its distinctive flavor, and is packed using minimal heat. Miller Honey simply strains the honey in its raw, natural form, and then puts it into bears and bottles. Miller Honey is a local favorite since 1894.

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Sysco Intermountain

Locally focused, Sysco is able to provide quality service for the intermountain west region in food service. Sysco’s sustainability path takes their customers from the suppliers’ fields straight to the dinner table. With consideration towards the region’s economy, they consistently implement ways to influence the entire food service lifecycle. Advocates of low-impact farming methods to using hybrid diesel delivery trucks to providing local and organic foods, and biodegradable takeout containers, Sysco always strives to do what’s right for the community and the planet.

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